IMP is an innovative information technology and services organization that fuels high-performing hospital-based physician practices and related multispecialty groups nationwide.

In short, we partner with you to optimize your collections in a compliant manner, provide the information required to make better-informed business decisions and provide the resources you need to secure your independence.


The Physician Leadership Hierarchy of Needs™, much like Maslow’s, outlines the strategic evolution of visionary medical practices across the country seeking to successfully position themselves in this dynamic environment. Building upon revenue cycle optimization and representing the extension to full system integration, IMP’s model signifies a turnkey and achievable path to securing your practice’s future.

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Visionary Physician Leadership brings together innovative “best practices” in revenue cycle management, technology, specialty access and care coordination to create a fully integrated practice. An interoperable approach to practice management across health information platforms and collaboration with other physicians can be leveraged for the highest level of patient care. This strategy makes sharing business and clinical data resources easier, a substantial play for enhancing outcomes across the continuum of care. Total integration ultimately empowers your practice with the solutions to drive innovation and achieve superior results.

Care coordination and utilization management consultation is increasingly more valuable to the collaborative provision of care to patients. It is the cornerstone of a highly functioning and contributing physician practice within emerging collaborative care models. As forward-thinking physician leadership further embraces a culture of coaching, training and encouraging providers to order the most appropriate studies for care, they will provide the value-based support so desperately sought by their hospital system clients and its patients.

Enhanced and efficient access to specialists is paramount to a healthcare organization’s ability to differentiate itself and compete more effectively in its chosen market. A physician practice providing effective, competitive differentiation for its health system will bring measurable and intrinsic value to that system.

Increasing efficiency while maintaining high-quality patient care is a universal challenge across the continuum of care. By leveraging our integration of the most advanced 3rd party and our own proprietary technology and analytics-driven information, we expedite workflow efficiency and increase revenue of physician practices.

Quite simply, revenue is the life-blood of every business and medical practice. Compliantly optimizing reimbursements is the solid foundation upon which every practice builds its success. Creating that solid foundation through financial stability and optimal profitability requires expert managed care contracting, coding, billing, collections and payer claim adjudication knowledge.

Practice Intelligence & Analytics
Comprehensive analytics paired with practice intelligence provides the quality information and resources necessary to improve workflow efficiency and fuel superior practice performance. Data in itself is meaningless without the ability to interpret and capitalize on it. IMP partners with physician leaders to manage and mine critical, comprehensive and trusted business and clinical data sets. Through the use of software and processes custom-tailored to a practice’s needs, IMP empowers practice leaders with strategically-driven decisions, competitive knowledge and accurate future forecasting abilities.

“IMP’s analytics package has greatly enhanced our practice management capabilities. The numerous reports keep us up-to-date on our financial status, provide feedback on our operations and assist with marketing strategies. The analytics are highly customizable and the IMP team is always responsive in generating new reports specific to our needs.”
– Colleen Piazza, Radiology Associates P.C.

Performance Assessment & Reporting
Leveraging analytics into actionable solutions that drive improved clinical and business performance is essential in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Incorporating critical tools and processes such as performance assessment, detailed quality reporting, predictive performance modeling and strategic positioning will optimize practice profitability and cultivate physician leadership.

“The first year we partnered with IMP, we brought in nearly $1 million in new revenue despite previously forecasting a $300,000 decrease in revenue due to payor reimbursement cuts. They truly fuel superior practice performance.”

Edward S. Rittweger, M.D

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